Yesterday’s Menu (09/07/11)

Yesterday went well.  I’m still having a hard time getting all my food in.  My weight stayed stable at 264.8 lb.


  • coffee w/half & half



  • skillet meal with ground beef, stir-fry veggie mix, and homemade jerk seasoning
  • “Coconut Fudge”

Yesterday was the first time I tried the dehydrated broccoli and the freeze-dried cauliflower.  They were both quite tasty, and I have some ideas for making them into recipes.  I’ll have to play with those ideas a little later though.

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2 Responses to Yesterday’s Menu (09/07/11)

  1. Sally in NC says:

    Wish you would put your menu for each day up. I try and get ideas from what other people eat on this WOE. I have been having a hard time lately and seeing what other people eat has been helping. Good luck to you on the WOE.

    • OK… I can make a better effort. 🙂 Half the time, I’m embarrassed that I eat odd things and I don’t eat enough veggies. I’m struggling with the appetite-suppressing effects of ketosis lypolisis, so I don’t end up eating everything I plan to eat, EVER. 🙂 I can post more menus though.

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