Yesterday’s Menu (09/12/11)

Yesterday was a good day.  Not only did I fit into a pair of pants that I couldn’t even come close to wearing last fall/winter, but I got in some good veggies with dinner AND I ran out of Pepsi Max.  (Yes, there’s more caffeinated pop in the house, but it has half the caffeine of the Pepsi Max.)


  • grilled sirloin (left over from dinner the night before)


  • grilled top sirloin (had one more large piece that needed to be eaten before it went bad)


  • ground beef with broccoli and dehydrated onion
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2 Responses to Yesterday’s Menu (09/12/11)

  1. run4joy59 says:

    Congrats on fitting into the smaller pants…that’s always an upper!! And the Pepsi Max? Are you trying to give it up? I ran out of diet Pepsi and am thinking about not buying more…right now I’m drinking a cup of chai tea…I like it, but it’s certainly not on par with the fizzy, carbonated, ice cold diet Pepsi…hmm…doesn’t really sound like I’m ready to give it up, does it?

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I do want to get rid of the pop habit, but I’m not ready yet. 🙂 Hubby brought home Coke Zero last night. At half the caffeine of Pepsi Max, I’ll be getting off the caffeine slowly, and then I get get to drinking plain old water.

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