Where I’m Headed in 2012

Three days into 2012, it occurred to me that I ought to share my thoughts on where I’m headed, where my family is headed, and where the blog is headed this year.  There’s so much that I want to accomplish, and making a list is an important first step when it comes to reaching one’s goals.

In 2012, I’ll continue to work on my health, my weight, and my eating.  Having started the Transformation Day 2012 challenge back in July, staying on track shouldn’t be too hard (although I know there’ll be bumps along the way.) We’ll also get serious about our kids’ eating.  They don’t need junk, and we’re so much happier as a family without it!

From a prepping perspective, we have big plans this year.  We want to build a chicken tractor, and we want to get our first garden in the ground this year.  Also, we WILL get perennials in the ground that’ll live through the summer.  Feeding our family from our own property is important to my husband and me; we just have a huge learning curve.

We’ll continue improvements and repairs on our home that’ll save us money in the end.  More money means getting out of debt quicker, and that’s a good thing too!

I have really big plans for my blog.  Although I’m not sure how to implement everything yet, I intend to start podcasting this year.  With the help of my nine-year-old, I intend to produce YouTube videos, and there’ll be more photographs to accompany my blog posts.  Obviously, with my visual limitations, a nine-year-old’s photography will be better than mine, but we’re all fine with that!

To those folks who think little changes can’t make a difference, I say, “You’re wrong!” Baby steps can get you where you’re going; it just takes a little longer to get there.  And starting the journey, even if you’re taking baby steps, is much better than sitting on your backside and dreaming.  Dreams are fine, but they’re not always productive.  Be proactive! Take action! What you do matters!

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