About Us

My name is Sarah, and I’m a legally blind, stay-at-home mother to three great kids.  We live in Indiana on a piece of property that we bought back in 2009.  Who would have ever guessed that our first home would end up being so important to us and our freedom!

My faith, my family, my country, and my freedom are exceptionally important to me, and that’s why I decided to start this blog.  I’m not an expert in anything, but I’m intelligent, passionate, and motivated.  Combine those traits with an Internet connection, and well, who knows what you’ll get? I like to joke that I’m just another idiot with a keyboard and an idea, but what it all really boils down to is the fact that I love to learn, I love to write, and I love to help others.  Hopefully I’ll accomplish all those and more with my new-found passion.

I’m interested in a myriad of topics from natural living and healthy eating to cooking, gardening, pets, firearms, technology, current events, and frugal living.  In my view, all these topics (and many others) are relevant to a prepper, so expect to find an array of topics presented here.

I didn’t consider myself a “survivalist” until recently, to be totally honest.  Until Indiana’s “great flood of 2008”, I just considered my husband and myself to be “smart” and “prepared” because we had a few gallons of water around, an emergency radio, some flashlights, and some batteries.  I had no idea that there was a whole community of “preppers” and “survivalists” out there.  I didn’t know that the “community” was divided into two distinct groups — the fanatical, hoard supplies, build your bunker, every day is your last folks and the folks whose ideas were a little more tempered by reality.  Once I learned they existed, I started to learn as much as I could, I started to share what I’d learned with my husband, and we started to slowly, and I do mean SLOWLY expand our preps.  It was early in those exploring/learning/planning stages that we also learned what we DIDN’T want to do.  We just wanted to be normal folks with a fallback plan, some supplies, and some skills.  Seems pretty moderate, right?

Since we subsist on just one income though, I never thought we’d attain the kind of preparedness that I was seeing on the Internet.  I started to wonder if it was real or were there just a lot more idiots with keyboards and ideas than I’d previously thought.

Fast forward to the first couple days of this year.  I don’t even remember how it happened — it might have been on a Yahoo! Group — but I ran across Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast.  After listening to just one podcast, I was hooked, and I realized that I am a “modern survivalist” taking his tag line to heart — “Helping you live the life you want, if times get tough, or even if they don’t.” This seemed like a really balanced approach in my eyes which included a lot of stuff I was doing already (food storage, getting out of debt, producing your own food, and the list goes on).  He isn’t a conspiracy theorist, nor is he a fringe fanatic; he came across as a smart guy who made good sense, so I ran with it.  I credit him and his podcast for kicking my butt and getting me motivated to start this blog!

My family and I are much closer to the beginning of the journey than we are to the destination.  Yes, we’re doing better than most of the folks we know in real life, but we’re really just setting out on the path to claiming the liberty to which we’re all entitled.  We have a plan for how to get to our destination.  Because I’m legally blind, we face some challenges that others don’t, but that won’t stop us from finishing what we started! We’ll make mistakes and we’ll learn a lot.  We’ll share some inspiration, some good information, and some bad humor.  The journey will never be boring though, and we’d love to have company along the way.

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